Artifacts are items that help you and your Battleborn throughout your game; Artifacts are crafted and upgraded with Mythstones, which are obtained from bosses on every 5th floor, starting with the 30th floor. The cost of crafting an artifact increases after every artifact; the graphs below shows the currently recorded crafting costs and found artifacts.

Relic # Cost Relic # Cost
First Eighth
Second Ninth
Third Tenth
Fourth 25 Eleventh
Fifth 40 Twelfth
Sixth 60 Thirteenth
Seventh Fourteenth
Artifact Beginning Effect Level up Max level
Aztabti Edict Online shards gain +5%

Global Damage +20%



Fragment of Valor Battleborn Upgrade Cost -5%

Global Damage +150%





Lense of Vengance Tap Critical Chance +1%

Global Damage +25%



Celerity Capsule Ability Cooldown -7%

Global Damage +100%



Unknown, but with the

concept of decreasing

Ability cooldown, best

guess would be level


Urn of Potency Tap Upgrade -3%

Global Health +20%