Like the main game, Battleborn are soldiers you use to play the game; as the commander, your tap damage is the main source of DPS and the Battleborn are secondary source of DPS. The Battleborn are bought and upgraded with shards; when you prestige, you lose all the Battleborn you bought and their levels, but you keep every Battleborn you unlock through leveling up your Commander rank. Like the main game, you start the game with several Battleborn unlocked; the graph below shows the Battleborn you can use, what order you earn them, and also the prices related to buying Battleborn during each run.

Battleborn Affiliation Passive Abilities Ultimate ability Rank unlocked
Phoebe LLC Attacker Blade Rush

Launches a barrage of 4 charged rapiers, each dealing x2 DPS


Phoebe dashes forward, dealing x15 DPS to an enemy

Blade Cascade

Conjures a storm of falling

rapiers, each dealing x2 DPS

Usable from start
Miko Eldrid Supporter Biosynthesis

Grants a healing buff to all allies for five seconds

Cloud of Spores

Throws a spore sack that explodes on contact, dealing x5 DPS in the blast radius

Fungus Among Us

Hurls a mushroom dealing x0.40 Team DPS in an Area of Effect for eight seconds

Usable from start
Orendi Rogue Attacker Nullify

Jumps backwards to deal x2 DPS to enemies, and stuns them for 3 seconds

Shadowfire Pillar

Targets an area where Orendi will call down a mighty pillar of shadow and flame, dealing x10 DPS

Paradigm Shift

The area directly in front of Orendi erupts in chaos energy, dealing x30 Team DPS to enemies caught int he blast

Usable from start
Oscar Mike Peacekeeper Attacker Frag Grenade

Launches a grenade that explodes on impact and deals

x5 DPS to enemies

Stealth Generator

Acitvates a cloaking device, hiding Oscar Mike and healing him for four seconds


Targets an area with missiles for 8 seconds, each dealing 2x Team DPS per hit

Usable from start
Thorn Eldrid Attacker Volley

Fires a horizontal swath of 5 arrows, each dealing x1 DPS


Summons a field of corruption for 6 seconds; enemies caught in this field take x0.5 DPS every second

Wrath of the Wild

After a brief charging period, Thorn hurls a massive energy bomb that explodes for x20 Team DPS

Usable from start
Montana Peacekeeper Defender Lumberjack Dash

Dashes and collides into all the enemies, dealing x5 DPS, and stuns them for 2 seconds


Increases Montana's Attack damage by 80% and reduces heating for eight seconds


Stomps the ground to deal x15 Team DPS and takes 70% less damage for 10 seconds

Rank 2
Rath Jennerit Empire Attacker Crossblade

Rath throws energy blades forward, dealing x8 DPS

Catalytic Smash

Unleashes a shockwave dealing x3 DPS ahead and stuns enemies for 2 seconds


Rath spins into a whirlwind attack for four seconds, causing x3 Team DPS every 0.25 seconds

Rank 3
Marquis LLC Attacker Temporal Distortion

Alters the flow of time in an area for 6 seconds, slowing down all enemies

Predatory Strike

Deploys Hoodini, a robotic owl, to collide with enemies, dealing x10 DPS


A powerful single shot that deals x35 Team DPS to all enemies

Rank 4
Benedict Peacekeeper Attacker Liftoff

Slows down enemies and gains 50% damage reduction for five seconds


Launches a rocket, dealing x20 DPS


Launches a massive guided missile, dealing X40 Team DPS

Rank 5
Mellka Eldrid Attacker Claw lunge

Lunges forward for a claw strike and slows down enemies for six seconds


Charges up a Venom burst, dealing x5 DPS to enemies

Blade launcher

Attacks with the venomous Bio-glaive, dealing x4 Team DPS each shot for 3 shots

Rank 6
Boldur Eldrid Defender Axe Toss

Throws axe to an enemy, dealing x10 DPS


Leaps forward, dealing x5 DPS to enemies

Runes of Power

Increases Boldur's Axe power by 300%, speed by 150% and regenerates health for 15 seconds

Rank 7
Galilea Peacekeeper Defender Desecrate

Galilea curses the gorund beneath the currant enemy wave, amplifying DPS to enemies by 30% for eight seconds

Shield Throw

Galilea throws her Greatshield, dealing x10 DPS and stunning the enemy for one second

Abyssal Form

Galilea explodes into dark energy for eight seconds, dealing x2 Team DPS every 0.5 seconds, all the while regenerating health.

Rank 8
Ghalt Peacekeeper Attacker Scraptrap

Deploys a trap to a target area, stunning nearby enemies and deals x1 DPS for four seconds

The Hook

Fires out an energy hook that deals x15 DPS to any enemy hit

Duel Wield

Deals x7 Team DPS per hit for seven seconds

Rank 9
Ambra Jennerit Empire Supporter Solar Wind

Channels a fiery wind for three seconds, which deals x0.20 DPS to enemies in front of her every millisecond


Summons a Sunspot that heals one ally at a time, lasting eight seconds

Extinction Event

Calls down a meteor at a target location, dealing x40 Team DPS to all enemies

Rank 10
Whiskey Foxtrot Rogue Attacker Scrap Cannon

Fires a spread of shrapnel from the rifle's underbarrel, dealing 3x DPS

Sticky Bomb

Hurls a grenade that sticks to surfaces and enemies that detonates after a short while, dealing x7 DPS to nearby enemies


Loads Whiskey Foxtrot's Tactical Rifle with special bullets for 12 seconds which can be fired automatically, dealing x2 damage for the duration

Rank 11
Deande Jennerit Empire Attacker Burst Dash

Charges forward, dealing x7 DPS to all enemies


Deploys a Deande decoy which explodes when approaching an enemy, dealing x10 DPS

Blink Storm

for 1.6 seconds, Deande unleashes a furious flurry of stike directed in front of her, dealing 2x DPS per hit

Rank 12
El Dragón LLC Attacker Dragon Splash

Leaps into the air and falls back down, dealing x8 DPS to nearby enemies


Charges forward with his arms outstretched, dealing x10 DPS to enemies

En Fuego

El Dragón explodes, dealing x15 Team DPS to enemies

Rank 13
Caldarius Jennerit Empire Attacker Gravitic Burst

Launches Forward, dealing X10 DPS on impact to all enemies


Fires a grenade that deals x6 DPS and stuns all enemies for two seconds

Aerial Assault

After a brief charge, Caldarius launches into the air to strike down onto the enemies, dealing x15 Team DPS

Rank 14
Kelvin Eldrid Defender Sublimate

Becomes a cloud of frigid air, dealing x10 DPS to enemies and stunning them for three seconds


Bits an enemy, dealing x20 DPS and healing 50% of his max health in 1 second

Ice Wall

Creates an impassible Ice Wall for 5 seconds, dealing x2 Team DPS to nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds

Rank 15
Toby Rogue Defender Arc Mine

Launches an Arc Mine, dealing x5 DPS and stunning all enemies for two seconds

Force Field

Deploys an energy field that blocks 60% enemy damage and increases the Railgun attack speed by 75% for six seconds

Core Discharge

Transforms Toby's mech to charge up a powerful laser for six seconds, dealing x3 Team DPS every 0.5 seconds

Rank 16
Kleese LLC Supporter Energy Rift

Opens up an Energy Rift for eight seconds, healing allies by 2% every 0.5 seconds and increasing their attack speed by 25%

Energy Mortar

Shoots eight Mortars at an area, each dealing 0.6% DPS

Black Hole

Summons a Black Hole for five seconds, dealing x1 Team DPS every 0.2 seconds

Rank 17
Isic LLC Defender Rank 18
Reyna Rogue Supporter Rank 19
Attikus Jennerit Empire Defender Rank 20
Shayne & Aurox Rogue Attacker Rank 2


You can have up to five Battleborn for each run; When you prestige, the Battleborn you purchased and upgrade will be lost, but will be available to use again in the next run. When you buy a Battleborn, their attacks will start to deal less damage as you go forward, even with upgrading, so it is recommended to buy new Battleborn when available. Each Battleborn has more power than the last one, up to the fifth one being very powerful; since power varies for each Battleborn based on when you purchase them, it would be wise to buy Battleborn with moderate attack speed, then buy Battleborn with faster attack speed in the later speeds.

Battleborn spot Shard cost
First 20
Second 827
Third 24.3 K (Thousand)
Fourth 82.1 M (Million)
Fifth 11.4 T (Trillion)